Premier League xG

The 2024/2025 season will be a historic season for you! Sportmonks will start offering Premier League xG. To put it simply, you can outperform your competitors by miles!

Premier League xG philosophy

The xG philosophy is booming and has forever changed how people view football. It has a rich history, even though it has only become increasingly popular recently. Traditional sports analysis often focuses on the final score/result. Most of the time, that doesn’t cover the full story of a match. On the contrary, the Expected Goals offer a revolutionary method of understanding the performance of teams and players.

How is Premier League xG calculated?

xG analyses the quality of scoring chances, considering multiple factors such as shot location, type of attempt, angle of the shot towards goal, location of the goalkeeper, people between the ball and the goal, distance from goal, and much more. A good calculation can be made for any shot in any match by comparing millions of shots.

Our xG model was trained on a large dataset of past shots and their outcomes (goal vs. no goal). After that, the model learned the most important factors to predict the shot’s outcome. Important to note is that the model should consider the same information the player had just before the shot was taken. The xG output is the probability (between 0 and 1) of scoring the particular shot. So, every shot has its own xG value. However, most applications only show the total xG a specific player or team had during the game.

Where to find xG Premier League?

Do you want to know where to find Premier League xG? Don’t look any further! Sportmonks’ Football API provides xG for the Premier League and over 40 other leagues. For example, the Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal match on the 28th of April (2-3) had an amazing result if you look at the xG. The Spurs had an xG of 3.60, while they only scored 2 goals. They were underperforming with -1.6. On the other hand, Arsenal scored 3 goals with an xG of only 1,33. This resulted in an overperforming figure of 1,67.

Our API has all kinds of Premier League xG metrics in the xG Add-on, such as xG, xGoT, xG Prevented, Expected Points, and much more.

Interesting Premier League xG Matches

Leicester City – Arsenal  (25-02-2023)

Leicester City gained the lowest xG in a Premier League match since the start of @xGPhilosophy 2017 (0,01 xG).

Liverpool – Newcastle United  (01-01-2024)
Liverpool earned the Premier League’s highest xG since 2010/2011 was 7,27, with only four goals scored.

Manchester City – Manchester United (03-03-2024)
Rashford scored a screamer from distance. The xG of that particular shot was only 0,03! Meanwhile, on the other side of the pitch, Haaland missed a 0,75 xG chance. Our xG Explained blog discussed this match more.

In the 2023/2024 season, Manchester United conceded more xG (67.95) than Arsenal and Manchester City combined (63.98) on the 29th of April.

xG Table Premier League

Another cool new feature: the Premier League xG table! Based on xG, Expected Points can be calculated. Sportmonks offers an Expected Points Table endpoint to determine how well the teams perform. The most interesting part is comparing the expected and real points to determine which clubs are over- or under-performing. For example, Arsenal was on top of the real standings after 35 matches. Arsenal had 80 points, while based on xG, the expected points were 73.76. So, they are overperforming by 6.24. On the other hand, we see Newcastle United in seventh place on the table. They played 34 matches and collected 53 points; the expected points were 56.59. They are underperforming by -3.59 points.

Now what?

After reading this page, you learned everything you need to know about the available Premier League xG data. Therefore, this is the time to start implementing it in your app! Your fans have been waiting for you to add xG, and now is your chance to fulfil their wishes. What’s holding you back?

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