The Women’s World Cup 2023 fixtures

The fixtures for the Women’s World Cup 2023

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will kick off on 20-07-2023 in Oceania. The 9th Women’s world cup wil start with 32 countries hoping to reach the final and become a world champion on 20-08-2023. The favourites for the tournament are the United States and England. In the coming months, we will see which country will come out on top.

The draw has been completed, and we can take a look at every country’s first match:

New Zealand 1 – 0 Norway

New Zealand and Norway clashed the opening match of the Women’s World Cup, with both teams looking to kick off their campaigns with a win. Norway, with their experience and strong midfield, will be the favorites going into the match. However, New Zealand, with their solid defense and attacking prowess, caused an upset and started their tournament on a high note.

Australia 1 – 0 Ireland

Australia facee off against Ireland in their opening match of the Women’s World Cup. Both teams were be eager to start the tournament on a high note, but Australia, with their experienced players and strong track record in previous World Cups, were the ones that came out on top in this one.

Nigeria 0 – 0 Canada

The Nigeria-Canada match at the Women’s World Cup promised to be an exciting encounter, and delivered. While the match lacked scoring it made up with plenty of drama to compensate.

The Philippines 0 – 2 Switzerland

The Philippines were looking to cause an upset against their higher-ranked opponents, but Switzerland were be determined and secured a comfortable victory ending the match 0-2.

Spain 3 – 0 Costa Rica

Spain’s women’s national team took on Costa Rica in a crucial Women’s World Cup clash. Spain showed their dominance and dispatched off Costa Rica fairly easily.

United States 3 – 0 Vietnam

The United States women’s national team faced Vietnam in their first Women’s World Cup match. The US wer one of the favourites to win the tournament and were looking to continue their dominant run of form against a spirited Vietnamese side. And that is exactly what they did.

Zambia 0 – 5 Japan

Zambia took on Japan in their first match and they proved no match for the Japanese. After going up 0-4 and Zambia even getting a red card, Japan made no mistakes and beat Zambia 0-5 in the end.

England 1 – 0 Haiti

England’s women’s national team will face Haiti in what was expected to be a one-sided Women’s World Cup encounter. However, Haiti  put in a strong performance and kept the scoreline respectable. It’s was set to be a match dominated by England, but Haiti truly showed their fighting spirit.

Denmark 1 – 0 China

Denmark’s women’s football team took on China in their first match of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. They made now mistakes but would have hoped for a more convincing scoreline, beating China only by 1 goal.

Sweden 2 – 1 South Africa

Another close match was the one between Sweden and South Africa. Sweden pushed the hole of the first half but it was South Africa that would open the scoring in the 48th minute. Sweden battled and equalised in the 65th minute. The winner came late, in the 90th minute, which resulted in heartbreak for South Africa.

The Netherlands 1 – 0 Portugal

The Netherlands women’s football team faced Portugal in what promised to be an exciting Women’s World Cup match. However, it was a close and cagey affair which resulted in one chance being converted into the winning goal.

France 0 – 0 Jamaica

One of the upsets of the first round of the tournament, Jamaica managed to hold on for 90 minutes with only 10 players on the field against a much stronger French side.

Brazil 4 – 0 Panama

Brazil were looking to secure a comfortable win to keep their hopes of topping the group, while Panama were looking to put up a strong fight. However, in the end the much stronger team won and as expected, the scoreline showed that dominance.

Colombia 2 – 0 South Korea

Colombia’s women’s national team took on South Korea in an exciting Women’s World Cup match. Both teams were looking to get their first points and secure a win to give their hopes of progressing a boost. It was a competitive match with both teams eager to get a positive result. However, Colombia got the better of South Korea in the end.

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