Examples from our users

We will now give you the examples we have seen from our userbase. You may have another idea and are unsure if Sportmonks API will work with it. You can send us an email at [email protected]

1. Livescore App

Yes, a livescore application is very popular among sports fans. They always want to know who is playing, which team is more likely to win the match (based on odds or statistics) and which team or player scores.

Do you dream about the idea of creating the best livescore application in the world? We have created another whitepaper which shows you exactly what you need to include and how to do this with our API. We created a guide called ’how-to build a livescore page’.

2. Fantasy game

This idea is fantastic. Fantasy games are very popular among football fans. Being able to create a winning team or predict the best XI is the perfect way to engage your users. To create a fantasy game, you will need player statistics and ratings, among other things.

For this idea, we built a guide ‘how-to build a fantasy game‘.

 3. Odds Portal

Betting is hot. People like to earn money by betting on their favourite sports. Sports betting is something most fans have done at least once in their lives. Many fans are going a step further. They want to compare the odds of different bookmakers to create their ultimate bet.

For this idea, we’ve created two guides: ‘how-to build an odds portal‘ and ‘how-to build a match page with odds‘.

4. Predictions

Another excellent idea is to predict the future based on data and science. People are always looking for ways to beat the bookmakers. The previous idea is ideal for combining with predictions. You can build an application to make predictions of the big leagues and matches like the Premier League, Champions League, and World Cup.

The Prediction API includes over 900 leagues.

We have created the guide ‘how-to-use the predictions API’ to help you get started.

 5. Statistics

The concept of displaying statistics in your application is excellent. Sports fans and data freaks always look into these statistics to discuss who’s better (Messi or  Ronaldo). Even professional football clubs discuss players’ statistics to decide who to bring to their club. They require more than just statistics. However, it shows that professionals even use this idea.

We created a guide on ‘how-to build a team page with season stats and squads‘.  There are more things to create with statistics. Like pages with league stats, match stats, and player stats, among others.

6. Bonus idea

Obviously, there are more business opportunities to be found in sports data. As you may guess, we cannot list everything. We have over 20,000 customers, all of whom have their own ideas. If your idea is not included in our list, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your idea happen with our sports API. Let’s take a look at one more example of a business idea one of our customers had.

ScorePlay invented a way to help professional football clubs organise all their content by using our Sports APIs and face recognition. Let’s see the idea of Xavier, CEO of ScorePlay and find out why he is using Sportmonks’ API.

“Our objective is to revolutionise how clubs use their media. Currently, they don’t have the tech infrastructure to capitalise on the gold mine of content they have at their disposal. ScorePlay helps clubs to organise their media to monetise it ultimately. Our AI relies on player mugshots (for facial recognition) and names  (for jersey recognition) to identify them on pictures” If you are interested in reading more about their business idea, check out our Casestudy.

That’s it!

Everything you could use reliable sports data. We hope we inspired you to start building on your dream application.

Still not sure if your idea is possible? Why don’t you contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities? Fill in the contact form or send an email to [email protected].