1. Team and player data

Cricket fans aren’t only fans of the sport. Most Cricket fans only support a single team or even a single player. This is why including team and player data is essential for your application. As a fan, I want to know who plays for my club and how they are doing.

2. Fixtures

To add matches to their calendar, fans need to know when their team plays. They want to go to the stadium or watch the game on television. However, those people still need your application after knowing when the matches occur. Let’s find out why!

3. Team rankings

I am going to my team’s match, and now I want to know where my team is ranked in the league. So, I need team rankings for that. That way, I can compare my team with the opposing team to get a feel of how the match will play out. Fans are always interested in knowing which teams are the best. Therefore, they will check the ICC rankings, or in the future your rankings.