La Liga 23/24: Relegation Threats and Championship Contenders

As the La Liga 23/24 season kicks off, football fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the drama, goals, and surprises. The season has just started, but speculations about which team could face the dreaded relegation and which team will be crowned champions are already discussed. In this blog we will share our thoughts on the La Liga 23/24: Relegation Threats and Championship Contenders.

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La Liga 23/24: Relegation Threats and Championship Contenders

La Liga 23/24: Relegation Threats

Every season, a few teams find themselves battling to escape the clutches of relegation, and this season is no exception. Among the candidates are newly promoted sides and those who struggled in the previous season.

What do we think?

Teams such as Granada, Las Palmas and Alavés, recently promoted to La Liga, will likely face an uphill battle to avoid relegation. The step up in competition can be daunting, and unless they quickly adapt, their stay in the top flight could be short-lived.

Established clubs like Valencia, Almeria, Getafe and Cadiz, who narrowly avoided relegation last season, must address their issues to ensure survival this time. Relegation impacts a club’s financial stability and has long-term implications for player morale and fan engagement.

Based on the last season and current squad game, we predict that Las Palmas, Granada and Cádiz will face relegation.

What do the bookmakers say?

Looking at the bookies, it might not come as a surprise that the odds for the previously mentioned teams are the best betting option. They also believe that the newly promoted teams will have a tough time adjusting to the new level of La Liga. Based on their current odds, most place their bet on Las Palmas, Cádiz and Alavas.*


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La Liga 23/24: Championship Contenders

The race for the La Liga title is expected to be fierce, with several traditional powerhouses battling for the championship title.

What do we think?

FC Barcelona, the reigning champion, have proven their ability to grind out results and thrive under pressure. Last season turned out to be a walk in the park ending the season with a 10-point lead on Real Madrid. They also reinforced their squad with exciting players. The resurgence of their youth academy and key signings could propel them back into title prolongation.

Real Madrid is in a progress of a massive transformation. With the loss of their talismanic captain and goal-getter, Karim Benzema, they are now placing their bets on youthful, talented players who can replace him and valued players like Modric and Toni Kroos.

Rodrygo, Vinícius Júnior, Bellingham and Tchouaméni are just a few names inspiring new hope among the fans. Their winning pedigree and depth in the squad make them a force to be reckoned with.

Atlético Madrid, who finished 3rd in the 22/23 season, is always considered an outsider for the title. Their solid defensive structure and counter-attacking prowess make them a difficult team to overcome.

Based on the current depth of the squad and overall experience, we believe that Real Madrid will be crowned champions. Are you interested in a more in-depth look? We also analysed the goal contribution of the players in the La Liga.

What do the bookmakers say?

Looking at the bookies, it might not come as a surprise that the odds for the previously mentioned teams are the best betting option. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the team’s betters think will win the title. One interesting fact: many consider Real Sociedad as an outsider if the traditional teams will fail to deliver the expectation.*

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