The Big wealth of the five economic football powers in Europe

“In the realm of European professional football, five leagues stand tall as economic superior. These leagues, namely the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, the Bundesliga in Germany, and Ligue 1 in France, collectively represent a colossal portion of the global football ecosystem. Their allure extends beyond the pitch, as they command vast sums of revenue from diverse sources, including broadcasting deals, sponsorship agreements, and matchday experiences.”

But what are the numbers? And how do the big leagues impact each other?

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The Big wealth of the five economic football powers in Europe

The Money differences between the league’s

First, we want to show you an overall insight into the Big Five leagues and their income for the last five years.

As probably predicted, the Premier League is the big winner in this table, but how come?

The influence of TV rights

One of the reasons for the Premier League’s wealth is the highest TV rights. The Premier League earns a total of 5.1 billion Pounds, which is €5,91 billion a season on TV rights. This is more than double the Serie A and La Liga, the second and third place. This large amount of money is split between the 20 participating clubs by 50% equally, 25% facility fees and 25% merit payments. All the international broadcasting money is split equally between the 20 clubs. This information is confirmed by

Sponsorships over the Five leagues

Large companies in all five leagues want to invest in sponsorship deals. Again, the Premier League is in the lead with €1.17 billion out of 440 endorsements. Following closely behind is the Bundesliga, securing the second spot with 617 deals that yield €748,49 million. Meanwhile, La Liga secured the third position, amassing €691,20 million per season from various sponsorships. This underscores the competitive landscape for clubs outside the realm of Barcelona and Real Madrid, despite the presence of the two largest clubs globally in the league.

Predictably, Serie A occupies the fourth place, boasting a total of €447,58 million in sponsorship deals for the Italian league. However, this figure surpasses the sponsorship earnings of Ligue 1, the top-tier French football league, which generates €364,50 million annually.

Highest football ticket prizes

Matchday Prizes

Prizes differ on age, seat in the stadium, importance, and the home playing team. But research of Statista shows that the average highest prizes in Europe are the following:

Prizes of big Tournaments

The highest teams of these five leagues compete yearly, with other European competitions, for big prize awards in international tournaments. But how much are these awards worth?

Champions League prizes
Champions League For a pool phase win, a club receives €2.800.000. For a draw, it is for both teams €930.000. In the round of sixteen, the prizes go way up, and the winning team will receive €9.600.000. For the quarter-final €10.600.000, the final €12.500.00, the second place €15.500.00, and if a team makes it as a winner, it will receive €20.000.000.
Europa League prizes
Qualified to group stage: €3,630,000 Match won in the group stage: €630,000 Match drawn in group stage: €210,000 1st in group stage: €1,100,000 2nd in group stage: €550,000 Knockout round play-offs: €500,000 Round of 16: €1,200,000 Quarter-final: €1,800,000 Semi-final: €2,800,000 Runner-up: €4,600,000 Champion: €8,600,000
Conference League prizes
Qualified to Group Stage - €2,940,000 Match won in Group Stage - €500,000 Match drawn in Group Stage - €166,000 Finishing 1st in Group Stage - €650,000 Finishing 2nd in Group Stage - €325,000 Playing in round of 32 - €300,000 Playing in round of 16 - €600,000 Playing in quarter-final - €1,000,000 Playing in semi-final - €2,000,000 Losing final - €3,000,000 Winning final - €5,000,000

Champions League last five years

International performance of the big five leagues, the last five years

The performance of the big five leagues is based on the achievements in the Champions League. Due to the significant increase in the prize fund when a team wins in the round of sixteen, all the teams that reached the quarter-final and received the prize money will be looked at. The table below shows that the Premier League 13, La Liga 8, Serie A 5, Bundesliga 6, and Ligue 1-3 were reached.



Wealth Football

Does more Wealth create a better competition

As this blog has shown, big money numbers are going around in football. The Premier League is the wealthiest overall, La Liga is second, Serie A third, Bundesliga fourth, and the Ligue 1 is fifth. The results in the Champions League are the same order except for the switch between the Serie A and the Bundesliga.

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