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List of Champions League Winners

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Our Football API offers a detailed list of all Champions League winners, providing in-depth information on the teams that have achieved this amazing feat. With viewership spanning 188 countries, the Champions League is one of the most popular leagues in the world. Winning this title means being the best team on the globe for that season. Our API offers the chance to showcase all the essential information for each champion, including logos, basic and in-depth squad information, and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your users with a detailed list of all Champions League winners and highlight their achievements. Get ready to take your platform to the next level with our Football API.

Although the Champions League has a long history, the list of winners has varied slightly over the years. In 1992, the first season of the competition under the name ‘Champions League, Marseille won the inaugural title. While the Champions League remains very competitive Real Madrid have been somewhat dominant over the last few years. Becoming Champions League winners 5 times in the last 9 years.

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Here are some interesting facts about the Champions League winners:

The current Champions League winners are Real Madrid, who won the competition in the 2021/22 season.
The most successful club in the history of the competition is Real Madrid, with a record 13 titles to their name.
AC Milan and Liverpool are joint second on the all-time Champions League winners list, each with 7 titles.
Only 22 clubs have become Champions League winners since the competition began in 1955.




The only club to win the Champions League three times in a row is Real Madrid, who achieved this feat between 2016 and 2018.
The youngest player to win the Champions League is Celestine Babayaro, who was just 18 years old when he won the title with Chelsea in 1998.
The oldest player to win the Champions League is Paolo Maldini, who was 39 years old when he lifted the trophy with AC Milan in 2007.
The fastest goal in a Champions League final was scored by Paolo Maldini, who found the net just 51 seconds into AC Milan’s 2005 final against Liverpool.

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All of the Champions League Winners

The list below shows the amount of times a club became Champions League winners. It really shows the dominance of Real Madrid as Champions League winners. Keep in mind this is a list of both the European Cup and the current Champions League.

Real Madrid – 14 times
AC Milan – 7 times
Bayern München – 6 times
Liverpool FC – 6 times
FC Barcelona – 5 times
Ajax – 4 times
Manchester United – 3 times
Inter Milan – 3 times
Juventus – 2 time
Benfica – 2 time winner
Chelsea – 2 time winner
Nottingham Forest – 2 time winner
FC Porto – 2 time winner
Celtic – 1 time winner
Hamburger SV – 1 time winner
Steaua Bucharest – 1 time winner
Marseille – 1 time winner
Borussia Dortmund – 1 time winner
Feyenoord – 1 time winner
Aston Villa – 1 time winner
PSV – 1 time winner
Red Star Belgrade – 1 time winner