CONMEBOL Sudamericana

Copa Sudamericana is one of the competitions played yearly at the South American international club level.

Copa Sudamericana

The second crucial international club tournament in South America. You can compare the tournament with the UEFA Europa League in Europe. In 2002 the Copa Mercosur and the Copa Merconorte were combined and renamed CONMEBOL Sudamericana. The system is the same as the Copa Libertadores. There is a group stage, and a knock-out stage will follow.

Copa Sudamericana tables

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Sudamericana table

Group D 2021 winner

Sudamericana Group D 2021

Sudamericana final 2021

Final result 2021

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Sudamericana winners

At the time of writing, the Sudamericana has been held 20 times (2002-2021). There are twenty winners. Let’s look at those winners and where they came from.

Argentina (9)
Argentinian teams won the Copa Sudamericana nine times. San Lorenzo, Boca Juniors, Arsenal de Sarandí, Independiente Lanús, River Plate and Defensa y Justicia won the Copa. Boca Juniors and Independiente won the final twices.

Brazil (5)
Brazilian teams have won a total of 5 Sudamericana finals. Internacional, São Paulo, Chapecoense, and Paranaense all won the Cop Sudamericana. Paranaense won it twice. Chapecoense won the final after their plane crashed. In total, 71 persons died, of which 19 players of Chapecoense. The Colombian team Atlético Nacional was the opponent in the final, and they requested to give the title of the Copa Sudamericana to Chapecoense after this tragedy.

Ecuador (2)
Two winning teams in the Copa Sudamericana for Ecuador. LDU Quito and Independiente del Valle won the Copa. The most recent win was in 2019 when Independiente del Valle beat the Argentinian team Colon (3-1).

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Peru (1)
Cienciano won the second edition of the Copa Sudamericana. Cienciano is the only Peruvian team that won the final.

Mexico (1)
One Mexican team was able to win the Copa Sudamericana. Pachuca won against Colo-Colo in 2006.

Chile (1)
After Colo-Colo became the runner-up in 2006, Universidad de Chile was the first (and until now last) Chilian team to get to the final of the Copa Libertadores. The team won against LDU Quito.

Colombia (1)
Colombia’s Santa Fe won versus Huracán in 2015 after penalties. In both matches, a 0-0 draw was the result. After penalties, Santa Fe won 3-1.



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