Copa America

The Copa America is the South American Championship, one of the world’s biggest international tournaments.



The South American association of FIFA has organized the Copa America since 1916. Countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil participate in the Copa. Argentina and Uruguay are the record champions with 15 titles, while Brazil is the number three with nine titles. Argentina is the reign champion because they won in 2021. Since 1993 the ten CONMEBOL countries have invited two countries from outside South America to participate in the Copa America. Mexico is the country that gets asked the most. They have been invited ten times. Costa Rica, with five participations, is in second place, while the United States is in third place with four participations. Never did an invited country win the Copa America. The United States was the host of Copa America (2016).

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Copa America 2021

The Copa America final of 2021 was a fight between Brazil and Argentina. In the end, the winners of the Copa America 2021 were Argentina. Lionel Messi finally claimed the Copa America and added it to his Palmares. It was Messi’s Copa America, even though Neymar was on fire during this tournament as well.

Copa America Data

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"position": 3,
"season_id": 16761,
"player_id": 184798,
"team_id": 18644,
"stage_id": null,
"goals": 4,
"penalty_goals": 1,
"type": "aggregated_goals",
"player": {
"data": {
"player_id": 184798,
"team_id": 591,
"country_id": 44,
"position_id": 4,
"common_name": "L. Messi",
"display_name": "Lionel Messi",
"fullname": "Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini",
"firstname": "Lionel Andrés",
"lastname": "Messi Cuccittini",
"nationality": "Argentina",
"birthdate": "24/06/1987",
"birthcountry": "Argentina",
"birthplace": "Rosario",
"height": "170 cm",
"weight": "72 kg",

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Copa America participants

Argentina, known as La Albiceleste, became the Copa America champion 15 times. The team won the World Cup twice, just like the Olympic games. Brazil, Germany, England, and Uruguay are the main rivals of Argentina. When you think of the national team of Argentina, you think of Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona. The biggest win of Argentina was a 12-0 victory over Ecuador. The match was played in Uruguay in 1942.

Bolivia, known as La Verde, became the Copa America winner once in 1963. The biggest win was in 1993 when Venezuela was beaten 7-0 and when Haïti was beaten in 2000 with 9-2.

Brazil, Seleção Os Canarinhos or godly canaries are a force to be reckoned with in Copa America and the World Cup. The Brazilians have won the Copa America nine times already and have won the World Cup five times. At the World Cup, they are the most successful team ever. The biggest win of Brazil was a 14-0 win over Nicaragua, while the most significant loss was a 6-0 loss against Uruguay and a 7-1 defeat against Germany in 2014. Before going to the next team, let’s look at the all-time Brazilian topscorers. Pele is the leader with 77 goals, Neymar comes in second (at the time of writing) with 68 goals, and Ronaldo is the number three with 62 goals.

Chile or La Roja is always a dangerous side to consider. The biggest wins were 7-0 victories over Venezuela, Armenia, and Mexico. On the other hand, the most significant loss was a 7-0 match against Brazil. The best result at the World Cup was third place in 1962, while the best result on the Copa America was second place in 2017. Arturo Vidal is one of the most popular players from Chile. Alexis Sánchez is the all-time top scorer of Chile with 132 goals, followed by Eduardo Vargas with 91 goals (at the time of writing).



Colombia is also known as Los Cafeteros. Their biggest win was a 0-6 victory over Bahrein in 2015. The biggest defeat they faced was a 9-0 defeat against Brazil in 1957. Radamel Falcao is the team’s top scorer with 30 goals. Colombia won the Copa America in 2001.

Ecuador’s nickname is La Tricolor. Their biggest win is a 6-0 win over Peru in 1975. The most significant loss was against Argentina (12-0) in 1942. The best result in Copa America is fourth place in 1959 and 1993. The all-time top scorer is Agustin Delgado, with 31 goals.

Paraguay is also known as La Albirroja. Their biggest wins were the 7-0 victories over Bolivia and Hongkong (1949 and 2010). The most significant loss is an 8-0 defeat against Argentina in 1926. The all-time top scorer is Roque Santa Cruz.

Peru is also known as Los Incas. Their biggest win is a 9-0 victory over Bolivia in 1927, while their most significant loss is a 7-0 loss against Brazil in 1997. Peru has won the Copa America twice (1939 and 1975). The all-time top scorer is Paolo Guerrero, with 38 goals.

Uruguay is also known as La Celeste. Diego Godin has the most appearances for Uruguay with 145 caps, while Luis Suárez is the all-time top scorer with 64 goals. The biggest win is a 9-0 victory over Bolivia in 1927, while the most significant loss was against Argentina in 1902. Uruguay was the World Champion in 1902 and 1930 and won Copa America 15 times.

Venezuela’s nickname is La Vinotinto. With his 127 appearances, Juan Arango is the player that played the most matches for Venezuela. He scored the most goals as well, with 23 goals. Venezuela’s most significant win is a 6-0 victory over Puerto Rico.

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