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Conference League winners list

The Conference League is a new international UEFA competition founded in 2021. The only Conference League winner so far is AS Roma, who won in 2022. With Sportmonks, you can create top scorer lists for the Conference League. These can be filtered based on goals, assists, saves, cards and more!

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Conference League winner statistics

  • AS Roma is the only Conference League winner so far
  • Feyenoord came close to winning the conference league, but they finished second
  • 40 teams tried to become a conference league winner the first season

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A list of Conference League winners

2022: AS Roma
At the moment of writing this article, there has only been one winner for the Conference League: AS Roma. AS Roma became the first Conference League winner after beating Feyenoord 1-0. AS Roma finished sixth in the Serie A that season, while Feyenoord finished third in the Eredivisie.