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Ligue 1 winner list

With the Football API you can create a Ligue 1 winners list and give your users what they want. Ligue 1 is seen as one of the biggest football competitions in the world. If you get into the top 3 of the Ligue 1, you have a chance to play in Europe’s biggest tournament, The Champions League.

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Statistics of Ligue 1 winners

There are 2 teams that have been a Ligue 1 winner 10 times. Paris Saint Germain and Saint Etienne won the most, getting 10 titles.

Lyon has become a Ligue 1 winner 7 times in a row between 2001 and 2008. These 7 titles are also their only Ligue 1 titles.


Nîmes have been a Ligue 1 runner-up for 4 times, never becoming a Ligue 1 winner.

The youngest player to ever win the Ligue 1 is Kylian Mbappé, winning the Ligue 1 with AS Monaco aged 18 in the 2016-2017 season.

The Ligue 1 has only been won four times with a non-french manager. Halilhodzic (Croatia), Mauricio Pochettino (Argentina), Thomas Tuchel (Germany) and Carlo Ancelotti (Italy)

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All Ligue 1 winners per year

2002-03: Olympique Lyonnais

2003-04: Olympique Lyonnais

2004-05: Olympique Lyonnais

2005-06: Olympique Lyonnais

2006-07: Olympique Lyonnais

2007-08: Olympique Lyonnais

2008-09: FC Girondins de Bordeaux

2009-10: Olympique de Marseille

2010-11: LOSC Lille

2011-12: Montpellier HSC



2012-13: Paris Saint-Germain

2013-14: Paris Saint-Germain

2014-15: Paris Saint-Germain

2015-16: Paris Saint-Germain

2016-17: AS Monaco

2017-18: Paris Saint-Germain

2018-19: Paris Saint-Germain

2019-20: Paris Saint-Germain

2020-21: Lille OSC

2021-22: Paris Saint-Germain