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The most important thing for a football fan is to know when their favourite team is playing. This way, he or she can check when to go to the stadium or put the television on to watch the game.

Are you the one to provide your users with the French Ligue 1 schedule using Sportmonks Football API.


The Ligue 1 schedule without a hassle


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Show a Ligue 1 timetable designed by you within a few clicks. Show the past, the present and the future to show the whole season or multiple seasons. Enable your users to get all information in an understandable calendar. Show them the results of all the finished matches.


Reach your app’s full potential with the Ligue 1 schedule

  • Football imageEffortless implementation with the Ligue 1 API
  • Football imageSave money and time with targeted Ligue 1 schedule retrieval
  • Football imageOur development team consists of football lovers. Therefore, our team understands what football fans need


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We started our subscription in 2019 and we’re very happy with the Football API. Next to the amazing speed of the API, Sportmonks has surprised us over and over again with their flexible friendly support.

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