Premier League Players

The Premier League players include some of the best players in the world. What to think about Erling Braut Haaland, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane and Kevin de Bruyne?

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Which Premier League player scores the most? Create a complete top scorers list based on goals, assists, cards, and more statistics.

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Premier League team data

This is an example straight out of our Premier League API. The team data shows players and some extra data. Of course, you can expand the response with our includes or filters.

        "id": 19,
        "sport_id": 1,
        "country_id": 462,
        "venue_id": 204,
        "gender": "male",
        "name": "Arsenal",
        "short_code": "ARS",
        "image_path": "",
        "founded": 1886,
        "type": "domestic",
        "placeholder": false,
        "last_played_at": "2023-03-19 14:00:00",
        "players": [
               "id": 2141,
               "transfer_id": 49023,
               "player_id": 3259,
               "team_id": 19,
               "position_id": 25,
               "detailed_position_id": 154,
               "yersey_number": 4,
               "start": "2021-07-30",
               "end": "2026-06-30",
               "player": {
                   "id": 3259,
                   "sport_id": 1,
                   "country_id": 462,
                   "nationality_id": 462,
                   "city_id": null,
                   "position_id": 25,
                   "detailed_position_id": 154,
                   "type_id": 25,
                   "common_name": "B. White",
                   "firstname": "Ben",
                   "lastname": "White",
                   "name": "Ben White",
                   "display_name": "Ben White",
                   "image_path": "",
                   "height": 186,
                   "weight": 78,
                   "date_of_birth": "1997-10-08",
                   "gender": "male"
               "id": 2157,
               "transfer_id": 167359,
               "player_id": 16827155,
               "team_id": 19,
               "position_id": 27,
               "detailed_position_id": 156,
               "yersey_number": 7,
               "start": "2019-07-01",
               "end": "2024-06-30",
               "player": {
                   "id": 16827155,
                   "sport_id": 1,
                   "country_id": 462,
                   "nationality_id": 462,
                   "city_id": null,
                   "position_id": 27,
                   "detailed_position_id": 156,
                   "type_id": 26,
                   "common_name": "B. Saka",
                   "firstname": "Bukayo",
                   "lastname": "Saka",
                   "name": "Bukayo Saka",
                   "display_name": "Bukayo Saka",
                   "image_path": "",
                   "height": 178,
                   "weight": null,
                   "date_of_birth": "2001-09-05",
                   "gender": "male"



  • Player profiles and Premier League player stats
  • Match schedules and historical matches
  • Match statistics and events
  • Complete team squads
  • Winners
  • Match formations & Line-ups
  • (Live) Topscores and standings
  • (Live) odds and predictions
  • Coach and referee stats
  • And many more are included in the Premier League API!

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After building exactly what we wanted as developers, number crunchers, and die-hard sports fans, it was too good not to share. So, we decided to share with everyone in need of reliable and affordable Premier League players’ data.

Best Premier League players

The Premier League created an official Hall of Fame where fans are able to vote for Premier League players that deserve a spot in this Hall of Fame. This means the most popular and best players are included in this list. This might be a great addition to your application as well. Let’s take a look at which players are included in this list.

2022 Inductees

ACTIVE: 1996-2005, 2010-2011
ACTIVE: 2001-2018
ACTIVE: 1992-1999
ACTIVE: 1992-1999, 2001-2003
ACTIVE: 1993-2013
ACTIVE: 2004-2012, 2014-2015
ACTIVE: 2008-2019
ACTIVE: 2011-2021

2021 Inductees

ACTIVE: 1992-2006
ACTIVE: 1999-2007, 2012
ACTIVE: 1992-1997
ACTIVE: 1992-2005
ACTIVE: 1994-2003
ACTIVE: 1995-2006
ACTIVE: 1995-2015
ACTIVE: 1998-2015