A complete overview of the Portuguese Primeira Liga Top scorers

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    "data": [
            "id": 1579420,
            "season_id": 19896,
            "player_id": 130198,
            "type_id": 208,
            "position": 1,
            "total": 15,
            "participant_id": 605,
            "type": {
                "id": 208,
                "name": "Goal Topscorer",
                "code": "goal-topscorer",
                "developer_name": "GOAL_TOPSCORER",
                "model_type": "statistic",
                "stat_group": null
            "player": {
                "id": 130198,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "country_id": 20,
                "nationality_id": 20,
                "city_id": null,
                "position_id": 26,
                "detailed_position_id": 153,
                "type_id": 26,
                "common_name": "J. Naval da Costa Eduardo",
                "firstname": "João Mário",
                "lastname": "Naval da Costa Eduardo",
                "name": "João Mário Naval da Costa Eduardo",
                "display_name": "João Mário",
                "image_path": "https://cdn.sportmonks.com/images/soccer/players/22/130198.png",
                "height": 179,
                "weight": 73,
                "date_of_birth": "1993-01-19",
                "gender": "male"


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