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    "data": [
            "id": 1579422,
            "season_id": 19896,
            "player_id": 23278610,
            "type_id": 208,
            "position": 1,
            "total": 15,
            "participant_id": 605,
            "type": {
                "id": 208,
                "name": "Goal Topscorer",
                "code": "goal-topscorer",
                "developer_name": "GOAL_TOPSCORER",
                "model_type": "statistic",
            "player": {
                "id": 23278610,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "country_id": 20,
                "nationality_id": 20,
                "position_id": 27,
                "detailed_position_id": 151,
                "type_id": 26,
                "common_name": "G. Ramos",
                "firstname": "Goncalo Matias",
                "lastname": "Ramos",
                "name": "Goncalo Matias Ramos",
                "display_name": "Gonçalo Ramos",
                "image_path": "",
                "height": 185,
                "date_of_birth": "2001-06-20",
                "gender": "male"


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Portugal Primeira Liga

The Primeira Liga, also known as the Liga NOS or Liga Portugal BWIN, is the highest division in club football in Portugal. The league was founded in 1934. From the 2014-2015 season, eighteen Portuguese teams compete for the title. The three lowest placed teams will be relegated to the second division: the Liga Portugal 2.

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    Retrieve the entire season statistics. Furthermore, you can access the statistics per team and player
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Primeira Liga Teams

Over 70 teams have competed in the Primeira Liga. FC Porto, SL Benfica and Sporting Lissabon, also known as the big three, hold the most titles. Below you can find information about the 18 teams competing in the 2021/2022 season.

Futebol Clube do Porto (Blue and Whites, Dragons)
FC Porto is one of the biggest football clubs in Portugal. The club was founded in 1893. They appeared in every season of the highest Portuguese Football Division since its establishment in 1934. In 2003, the club moved to the Estádio Do Dragão, which replaced the old stadium (the Estádio das Antas). The new stadium has a capacity of 50,033.

Sporting Clube de Portugal (Lions, Green and Whites)
Sporting CP, based in Lisbon, is a football club founded on the 1st of July 1906. Ballon d’Or winners Luís Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting CP. Like Porto, they appeared in every season of the Primeira Liga since its establishment. Their stadium, with a capacity of 50,095, is called the Estádio José Alvalade.

Sport Lisboa E Benfica (The Eagles, The Reds)
S.L. Benfica, founded on the 28th of February 1904 as Sport Lisboa, also managed to perform in every season of the Primeira Liga since the league’s founding. They’re the most decorated team in Portugal and considered the best Portuguese team on the European stages, such as the UEFA Champions League. Their home ground is the Estádio da Luz, with a capacity of 64,642.

Sporting Clube de Braga (The Archbishops, Those from Minho)
You can find S.C. Braga, founded in 1921, in the city of Braga. Their kit colors are red and white, just like their logo. They have a stadium capacity of 30,360 (Estádio Municipal de Braga).

Gil Vicente Futebol Clube (Roosters, Gollowers of Gil)
Gil Vicente, founded in 1924, is a football club from Barcelos. The club’s founders named the team after the Portuguese playwright: Gil Vicente. Their home ground, with a capacity of 12,504, is the Estádio Cidade de Barcelos.

Vitória de Guimarães (The Ones from Guimarães, The Conquerors)
Vitória Sport Clube, Vitória S.C, is based in Guimarães. The club was fuonded on 22nd September 1922. They play their home matches at the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, which has a capacity of 30,146.

Grupo Desportivo Estoril Praia (Canaries)
Estoril was founded in 1929. They hold their home games at the Stádio António Coimbra da Mota, with a seating capacity of 8,015.

Club Sport Marítimo (The Greatest of the Islands, The Green and Reds)
Marítimo plays their home matches in the Estádio do Marítimo. The stadium has a capacity of 10,932 spectators and is located in Funchal, Portugal. The team was founded in 1910.

Boavista Futebol Clube (The Panthers, The Chequered Ones)
Boavista is located in Porto. The club, established in 1903, plays its matches at the Estádio do Bessa. The stadium has a seating capacity of 28,263.


Futebol Clube de Vizela (F.C. Vizela)
Vizela is based in the Braga District. The club was founded in 1939, and they play their matches in the Estadio do Futebol Clube de Vizela.

Futebol Clube de Arouca (Arouquenses)
F.C. Arouca play their matches in the Estádio Muncipal de Arouca. The stadiu has a capacity of 5,000 seats. The club was founded in 1951.

Futebol Clube de Famalicão (Villa Nova, Famalicenses)
Famalicão, founded in 1931, play their home matches in the Estádio Municipal 22 de Junho Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Portimonense Sporting Clube (Portimonense)
The club, based in Portimão, was founded in 1914. Their stadium, Estádio Municipal de Portimão, has a capacity of 9,544.

Rio Ave (Rio Ave F.C.)
The club was founded in 1939. The homeground is the Estádio dos Arcos with a capacity of 12,815.

Chaves (Grupo Desportivo de Chaves)
The club was founded in 1949. Nicknames of the club are Flavienses, Valentes and Trasmontanos. The home games are played in Estádio Municipal de Chaves with a capacity of 8,000.

F.C. Vizela (Futebol Clube de Vizela)
The club was founded in 1939 and got promoted to the Primeira Liga last season. The homeground is the Estádio do Futebol Clube de Vizela with a capacity of 6,100.

Moreirense Futebol Clube (The Green and Whites, The Men from Moreira de Cónegos)
Moreirense was founded in 1938. Their kit colors are green and white. They play their matches in the Parque de Jogos Comendador Joaquim de Almeida Freitas.

S.C. Farense (Leões de Faro (Lions of Faro))
Farense was founded in 1910. The club plays it’s home matches in Estádio de São Luís, which has a capacity of 7,1000. The club has strong rivalries with fellow Algarve clubs like S.C. Olhanense and Portimonense S.C.

Futebol Clube Paços de Ferreira (Beavers, Those from Paços)
The club has been in the Primeira Liga for 20 seasons. Paços de Ferreira finished fifth in the Primeira Liga Table in the 2020/2021 season. They play their matches in the Estádio da Mata Real.

Clube Desportivo Santa Clara (The Azoreans)
The football club C.D. Santa Clara, founded in 1927, plays its matches in the Estádio de São Miguel. The stadium has a capacity of 13,277 seats.

Primeira Liga Match Events

    "id": 18202405004,
    "team_id": "605",
    "type": "goal",
    "var_result": null,
    "fixture_id": 18202405,
    "player_id": 160208,
    "player_name": "A. Grimaldo",
    "related_player_id": null,
    "related_player_name": null,
    "minute": 45,
    "extra_minute": 7,
    "reason": null,
    "injuried": null,
    "result": "1-1",
    "on_pitch": true,
    "player": {
        "data": {
            "player_id": 160208,
            "team_id": 605,
            "country_id": 32,
            "position_id": 2,
            "common_name": "A. Grimaldo García",
            "display_name": "Álex Grimaldo",
            "fullname": "Alejandro Grimaldo García",
            "firstname": "Alejandro",
            "lastname": "Grimaldo García",
            "nationality": "Spain",
            "birthdate": "20/09/1995",
            "birthcountry": "Spain",
            "birthplace": "Valencia",
            "height": "171 cm",
            "weight": "67 kg",
            "image_path": ""


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