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  "data": [
      "id": 162124,
      "participant_id": 267299,
      "sport_id": 1,
      "league_id": 779,
      "season_id": 20901,
      "stage_id": 77460956,
      "group_id": 248184,
      "round_id": null,
      "standing_rule_id": 18820,
      "position": 1,
      "result": null,
      "points": 15,
      "participant": {
        "id": 267299,
        "sport_id": 1,
        "country_id": 3483,
        "venue_id": null,
        "gender": "male",
        "name": "Saint Louis City",
        "short_code": "LOU",
        "image_path": "",
        "founded": null,
        "type": "domestic",
        "placeholder": false,
        "last_played_at": "2023-03-26 01:30:00"
      "rule": {
        "id": 18820,
        "model_type": "stage",
        "model_id": 77460956,
        "type_id": 279,
        "position": 1
      "details": [
          "id": 450445070,
          "standing_type": "standing",
          "standing_id": 162124,
          "type_id": 129,
          "value": 5,
          "type": {
            "id": 129,
            "name": "Overall Matched Played",
            "code": "overall-matches-played",
            "developer_name": "OVERALL_MATCHES",
            "model_type": "standings",
            "stat_group": null
          "id": 450445071,
          "standing_type": "standing",
          "standing_id": 162124,
          "type_id": 130,
          "value": 5,
          "type": {
            "id": 130,
            "name": "Overall Won",
            "code": "overall-won",
            "developer_name": "OVERALL_WINS",
            "model_type": "standings",
            "stat_group": null
          "id": 450445072,
          "standing_type": "standing",
          "standing_id": 162124,
          "type_id": 131,
          "value": 0,
          "type": {
            "id": 131,
            "name": "Overall Draw",
            "code": "overall-draw",
            "developer_name": "OVERALL_DRAWS",
            "model_type": "standings",
            "stat_group": null
          "id": 450445073,
          "standing_type": "standing",
          "standing_id": 162124,
          "type_id": 132,
          "value": 0,
          "type": {
            "id": 132,
            "name": "Overall Lost",
            "code": "overall-lost",
            "developer_name": "OVERALL_LOST",
            "model_type": "standings",
            "stat_group": null
//And more!


We’ve been using the Sportmonks football API for four years now and are very happy with the timely and accurate data. And their support is always responsive and helpful which is important when choosing a data partner.

Benjamin Franz

Ready to become number one? Let’s look at the previous teams who topped the MLS Standings.

2021: New England Revolution
2020: Philadelphia Union
2019: Los Angeles FC
2018: New York Red Bulls
2017: Toronto FC
2016: FC Dallas
2015: New York Red Bulls
2014: Seattle Sounders FC
2013: New York Red Bulls
2012: San Jose Earthquakes
2011: Los Angeles Galaxy
2010: Los Angeles Galaxy
2009: Columbus Crew
2008: Columbus Crew
2007: D.C. United
2006: D.C. United
2005: San Jose Earthquakes
2004: Columbus Crew
2003: Chicago Fire
2002: Los Angeles Galaxy
2001: Miami Fusion FC
2000: Kansas City Wizards