European Championship 2024 widgets

European Championship 2024 widgets are the easiest way to show all crucial Euro 2024 data. You only have to copy and paste a line of code into your website/application, and voila. You have everything your users need. Simple as that.

Save time, save energy, save money

For a developer, nothing is as frustrating as creating your application and finding out it is buggy and slow, difficult to get the right resources, being stressed about deadlines, and receiving all kinds of new wishes over and over again.

For a business owner, nothing is as frustrating as hiring an expensive developer or bureau that needs to create a very expensive environment to show website visitors or application users the results and standings of the Euro.

You can prevent all these frustrations by copying a simple code line. That sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true. Our European Championship 2024 widgets are released and utilise every data feature the Sportmonks API offers. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything to get your hands on all this data and be able to show it nicely to your users, friends, colleagues, family, your dog, or whoever you want to show it to.

How does it work?

More information on how to get your widget can be found here. If you are ready to request your widget, head to My.Sportmonks and start embedding your code.

Please read our documentation on how it works exactly.

1. Request

Request your widget package in My.Sportmonks

2. Configure

Configure your widget(s) and embed the code in your site/app

3. Enjoy

Enjoy high-quality and reliable football Data

Euro 2024 Widgetpackage

Since almost a decade ago, we have earned the trust of over 30,000 customers. All of them make use of our data. Many customers have chosen our Football API in the past. However, two years ago, we introduced our widgets, and there are many who like the football widgets very much.

Sportmonks offers four different European Championship 2024 Widgets.

What Euro 2024 widgets do you offer?

Livescore widget

The European Championship 2024 Livescore widget is an essential utility meticulously crafted to deliver real-time updates on all matches during the championship. The widget is designed for integration into websites and applications and provides users instant access to live scores, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest developments in every European Championship 2024 football match.


The European Championship 2024 Standings Widget is a vital tool intricately designed to showcase the current standings of teams participating in the championship. The widget is tailored for seamless integration into websites and applications. It offers users a quick and convenient way to stay informed about the rankings and positions of their favourite teams throughout the European Championship 2024 tournament.


The European Championship 2024 Football Squad Widget is an exceptional tool designed to provide comprehensive information about participating teams in the championship. The widget offers many details, including squad compositions and statistics, and is specially tailored for websites. They let visitors stay up-to-date with real-time information about their beloved European Championship 2024 football teams.


The European Championship 2024 Topscorer Widget is a crucial tool meticulously crafted to highlight the leading goal scorers in the tournament. With a focus on seamless integration into websites, this widget provides users instant access to the topscorers’ statistics, allowing them to stay updated on the dynamic performances of players vying for the title of topscorer throughout the European Championship 2024. Who will win the Golden Boot this year? Will it be Kane, Mbappe, Schick, or Cristano Ronaldo?

What data is in the widgets?

As mentioned earlier, we have four different Euro 2024 widgets. All of them have lots of invaluable data included. The livescore widget might be the most all-embracing one of all.

Choose the Widget package that

works for you


The basic package includes all basic European Championship widgets.

Starting at
€ 49,95
€ 525
paid monthly per month paid yearly
Get your widgets
  • Dark/Light Theme
  • Font customisation
  • Show/Hide logos and player images
  • Show/Header
  • Custom Title
  • Preferred group



The basic package includes all Advanced European Championship widgets.

It has everything the basic variant has and more!

Starting at
€ 59,95
€ 629
paid monthly per month paid yearly
Get your widgets
  • Match centre (lineups, stats, events and more)
  • Live standings
  • Team select
  • Customisation of colours
  • Custom brand
  • Season filter


* All prices are exclusive of VAT and, where applicable, VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

So, what is included?

All livescores of the European Championship 2024. Sportmonks updates every event and statistic in real-time.

  • Football imageMatch previews
  • Football imageLivescores
  • Football imageMatch Statistics
  • Football imageMatch Events
  • Football imageComplete squads and player statistics
  • Football image(Live) Standings
  • Football imageLineups
  • Football imageTopscorers list (Goals, Assists, Yellow cards, and Red cards)
  • Football imageAnd more!

Ready for the Euro 2024?

Sportmonks has two ways of delivering Football data to the customer. The first one is via widgets, as described above. Secondly, there is the Football API. Developers can use the football API to make requests and create a completely new application. So, if you are not interested in the widgets but you want to create your dream application, then this might be the way to go.

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