Copa do Brasil

Copa do Brasil is the Brazilian cup tournament in which 87 clubs participate.

Copa do Brasil format

The whole Copa do Brasil was set up in a knock-out format. Before 2013, the rule was that if a team playing away wins with more than one goal difference in the first two rounds, the return does not need to be played. Regardless of the first result, the return will always be played in the third round. This is the only tournament in South America where the away side’s goals are doubled if the total score is a draw. The winner of the final will earn a spot in the Copa Libertadores.

Since 2013 there have been 71 spots filled with states champions and state cup winners. The CBF club ranking will provide ten clubs. The other six participants are the Copa Libertadores participants of that season. If these are already included, the highest-ranked clubs in the Série A will participate. These clubs will join in the third round.

Copa do Brasil per state

Rio de Janeiro and the São Paulo state championship will deliver five participants. Minas Gerais, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul deliver four participants. The other states provide one to three participants.

São Paulo has won the Copa do Brasil ten times. Therefore, it is the state that won the most cups. Minas Gerais won the Copa eight times while Rio Grande do Sul won seven times. Rio de Janeiro won five times. Paraná, Pernambuco and Santa Catarina won the Cop do Brasil once.

Football in Brazil

The Copa do Brasil is the main cup tournament, and the Série A is the biggest competition in Brazil. Football is a passion in Brazil, and it means the world to the fans and the players. Football is the most popular sport in Brazil and is a part of the identity of any Brazilian.

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Copa do Brasil Live Scores

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Copa do Brasil winners

Cruzeiro EC won the Copa do Brasil six times. Therefore they are the most successful team in the Copa do, Brasil. Grêmio won the cup five times, and SE Palmeiras won four times. SC Corinthians and CR Flamengo both won the final of the Copa do Brasil three times. The current champion is Atletico Minero, and they will try to defend their title in the 2022 edition of the Copa do Brasil.