Creating your own football web pages

If you want to create the best football web pages, using a reliable data provider is most important. There are plenty of data providers who can help you in the process of creating the best football web pages.

Reliability is the most important aspect


These days there are a lot of football web pages popping up. You need to make the difference by offering the most reliable football data. This is where Sportmonks can help. With Sportmonks, you can get over 2,000 football competitions with reliable data. This way, you can create the best football web pages.

Our story

When we started, we were looking to create a fantasy football game. For this game, we were also looking for a data provider but quickly came to a conclusion: It was impossible to get reliable and affordable football data. We realised that we were better off collecting our own football data, and after almost a decade we can proudly say we offer both: affordable and reliable football data, which you can use to create the best football web pages.


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We at Sportmonks are very confident in our Football data API. This is why we want to give everyone the chance to try out the API for free. This is possible in two ways: option 1 is with our 14-day free trial, which can contain any of our plans, including custom ones. Besides the 14-day free trial, we have a for-ever free plan which consists of the Danish Superliga and the Scottish Premiership.

What kind of football web pages can I create?

Our customers have brilliant ideas that have a lot of variation. We see customers create football web pages, football applications, odds portals, fantasy games and much more.

We have 3 different case studies which you can read. This way, you get a good understanding of what our football API can do


Footi looks like another football web page but underneath is where it is uniquely different. It’s built using serverless technologies, meaning it’s faster, more accessible and has a much lower carbon footprint than other football websites. In fact, it produces 8 – 10 times less CO2 than the official Premier League website.”

You can read the case study here

Fotboll is used by up to 60.000 Swedish football fans per month to stay updated on the top football leagues and cups in Europe and to follow the international tournaments, such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Championship, the corresponding championships that are played in the other continents and more.

You can read the case study here


Our objective is to revolutionise how clubs use their media. At the moment, they don’t have the tech infrastructure to capitalise on the gold mine of content they have at their disposal. ScorePlay helps clubs to organise their media to ultimately monetise it.

You can read the case study here



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