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Fantasy Premier League

The Fantasy Premier League game is played by over 11,000,000 people worldwide! That says enough about how popular fantasy games are. The Fantasy Premier League is the official fantasy game of the Premier League and players can create their own team to become the best of all these players. This is the biggest Fantasy game in the world right now.

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Why are fantasy games so popular?

People love to build their own fantasy teams to challenge their friends and find out who has the most knowledge of Football. Simply selecting their favourite players from a complete list of players to create the best team in the world is what makes football fans more engaged to their favourite league, team or player. So, what would a Fantasy Football API need? Obviously, it needs to give you a complete list of players so the users of your fantasy application can pick their team.

Other Football details you need to offer are upcoming fixtures, previous seasons, current season, previous game weeks, and other historical data.

What is most important while creating a fantasy game?

That depends. How do players score points? What are the rules? Do all players select players for specific positions, or can they keep selecting 11 players for the striker position? So, will people only choose attacking players, or are they prohibited from selecting defensive players as well? How do specific positions score points in a team? All of these things need to be considered. Can you get double points for a single player if you make that player a captain?

The Essentials for creating a Fantasy Game

There are many fantasy games. It might be a bit difficult to stand out from all the other games. You need to differentiate by helping your users as much as possible. You can use our endpoints to make your game as intuitive as it can get. With our endpoints you should be able to stand out from all other Fantasy Games. Just make sure you use our endpoints with the right filters and includes so you show your customer exactly what they need to create their absolute dream team. A list with all season stats might be very important as well. Again, your users will take every opportunity to scout the perfect player for their team. So, offer them the season stats so they can actually see if a specific player is worth investing in.

Below, you will find how to find some of the most important data endpoints to realise this.

Why do you need previous game weeks?

People can make transfers in your game. If they are not doing well in the rankings, it is time to change their team. They need to ignite a fire in their team to make a comeback and beat their friends. Therefore, your users will research previous game weeks or other historical data to find out how they can turn the tables in their sub league. These pieces of feedback make it easier for your users to make their dream squad.

An option to get this data would be the GET fixtures by date range endpoint.

Why do you need the current season?

Well, it might be important for your users to find out which opponents the players in his team will face. The chance of Haaland scoring against an out-of-shape Luton Town is higher than the chance he scores against a Liverpool that is in perfect form. So, if Haaland plays versus a stronger opponent it would be an idea to transfer him and add another striker to the team. So, you probably want the upcoming fixtures in combination with the standings and form of the teams.

The GET Live Standings by League ID is probably the right endpoint for you to get the most recent standings. Also, the GET Schedules by Season ID might come in handy here.

Why do you need the previous seasons?

There are some tough choices to make. So, your users will find out how many points specific players scored in previous seasons to find a hidden/cheap gem to complete the team. You need to give your users the feeling they can become a scout/manager themselves. That is the whole point of joining a fantasy league right?

You could use the GET Standings by Season ID endpoint for this.

What endpoints do you have?

We have over 60 endpoints, such as the Get Fixture By ID endpoint, but there are way more. You can get all live fixtures via the live score endpoints or find out the complete schedule of a season, including all fixtures, via the Get Schedule by Season ID endpoint.

At our documentation you can find all the endpoints we have.

Should I add rankings?

What makes you come back if you play a game but cannot see your position in the rankings? I want to make sure I keep the number spot in my subleague. So, you need to add rankings and update them after every fixture. You might as well update the rankings after every event (goals, cards, assists, and so on) during a live fixture.

The Fantasy Football API all statistics

  • Average goals, assists, and cards per match
  • Average player rating
  • Player rating
  • Player selection
  • Player value
  • Complete team squads
  • Match schedules and historical matches
  • 2200+ football leagues
  • 60+ endpoints
  • And more described in our Fantasy Football API blog

Footholics, a Spanish LaLiga Fantasy game, solved its data availability and speed issues by changing providers to Sportmonks.

Now we are able to offer real-time, accurate scores to our thousands of users.

Because Sportmonks is so affordable, we are considering expanding to other national and international leagues.


Many other API providers make assumptions that you’re an experienced developer, and their documentation includes fewer examples and is written at a higher entry level. Sportmonks, make no assumptions and provide plenty of examples to help you use the API.

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Here’s why starting a fantasy football website with your application is a thrilling idea:

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