Women’s World Cup results

The Women’s World Cup 2023 is set to be the biggest football tournament in women’s football history so far.

Every country wants to book a good result in this World Cup, as the world will be watching.

The most exciting Women World cup result’s

United states VS Japan 2015

The World Cup final of 2015 was an exciting match up between the women’s of the United States and Japan. The game had a result of 5-2, which made this the highest goal-scoring final ever for a Women’s World Cup. The game was played in Canada and Carli Lloyd scored a hattrick after just 16 minutes!

Japan vs United states 2011

2011 had the same finalist as 2015 when both Japan and United states were fighting to win the Women’s World Cup. This match was one of the closest matches we have ever seen in a Women’s World Cup with the result being 2-2, where Japan won the tournament after beating United States with a penalty result of 3-1.

Brazil vs United states 2011

Surely one of the most exciting Women World Cup results have to be from the match between Brazil and the United States back in 2011. The United States took an early lead in the first minute of the game. In the second halve Brazil scored one back and the game result was a draw after 90 minutes. In extra time Brazil quickly got the lead scoring in the 92′. For a long time it was looking likely that the game would end 2-1, until the United States scored the equalizing goal in the 122’th minute which meant that the game would be decided by penalties. The United States women came out on top and won the penalty shooutout with a result of 5-3.


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