Score data for all the Bundesliga teams

Bundesliga teams are among the best in the world as it’s the first division in Germany. That’s why including Bundesliga team data in your app is essential if you want to provide your users with detailed and live data.

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Bundesliga teams data is a must-have for every football application.

Without reliable Bundesliga teams data, your app won’t be complete. It’s the foundation of every successful app, including squad information, statistics, top scorers, schedules, and more. You can get all this essential information at an affordable price, right at your fingertips.

What Bundesliga Teams data to show

Nowadays, you have a plethora of data to display in your application. Best thing is, you can decide what you want to implement in your application. Let’s take a look at what you can implement with Bundesliga team data:

Create the standings and form of every Bundesliga team
Displaying the current ranking of a team in the Bundesliga Table and showing their recent form by indicating the results of their last five fixtures.
Display full Bundesliga team squads
Create a dedicated page in your application to showcase the complete squad of a specific Bundesliga club or even the entire league.
Include team schedules
With our Bundesliga teams data, you can easily include the schedule of your favorite team in your application. This will allow you to keep track of all upcoming matches and never miss an important game.


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Bundesliga teams data

This is an example straight out of our Bundesliga API. The Bundesliga teams data shows players and some extra data. Of course, you can expand the response with our includes or filters.

"id": 3317,
"sport_id": 1,
"country_id": 11,
"venue_id": 1944,
"gender": "male",
"name": "Hertha BSC",
"short_code": "BCS",
"image_path": "",
"founded": 1892,
"type": "domestic",
"placeholder": false,
"last_played_at": "2023-04-08 16:30:00"
"id": 1079,
"sport_id": 1,
"country_id": 11,
"venue_id": 420,
"gender": "male",
"name": "FC Union Berlin",
"short_code": "UNB",
"image_path": "",
"founded": 1966,
"type": "domestic",
"placeholder": false,
"last_played_at": "2023-04-08 13:30:00"
"id": 510,
"sport_id": 1,
"country_id": 11,
"venue_id": 80,
"gender": "male",
"name": "VfL Wolfsburg",
"short_code": "WOB",
"image_path": "",
"founded": 1945,
"type": "domestic",
"placeholder": false,
"last_played_at": "2023-04-09 13:30:00"


What can you create with the Bundesliga Teams?

You can show the complete squad in your application with our Bundesliga teams data.

The squad of Bayern München, a Bundesliga team.

Show all the stats of each of the Bundesliga Teams

This is essential information for every German Football fan or fans of specific Bundesliga teams.

The statistics of Bundesliga team player Leon Goretzka.



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To give some extra inspiration, we have created a couple of case studies. Some of our customers have amazing applications or web pages and offer us the chance to show what can be build with our Football API.

We chose Sportmonks because of the accuracy of its Football API, its’ ease of use and its’ outstanding customer service. Starting with Sportmonks was incredibly easy and intuitive. The onboarding process was virtually non-existent. Just plug and play!

Xavier - CTO Scoreplay

Why Sportmonks?

About ten years ago, we faced a barrier while building an app – we required quality data but the price tag was exorbitant. In our search for affordable alternatives, we were inundated with unreliable providers who could only meet some of our requirements. This led us to create our own data solution.

As developers, data analysts, and avid sports enthusiasts, we developed exactly what we needed, and it was too good not to share with others. That’s why we launched our API.

Today, our cost-effective API provides speedy and accurate data for popular sports across 240 nations and has a loyal user base of over 20,000 satisfied customers, including renowned media companies and professional sports clubs.

Bundesliga TEAMs data

Bundesliga teams have a formidable presence in European tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League. Down below we provide a brief overview of all the Bundesliga teams.