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The Bundesliga is home to some of the world’s most talented football players, including superstars like Sadio Mané, Jude Bellingham, Manuel Neuer and Marco Reus.

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Bundesliga players data

This is an example straight out of our Bundesliga API. This data shows Bundesliga players and some extra data. Of course, you can expand the response with our includes or filters.

 "id": 3321,
"sport_id": 1,
"country_id": 11,
"venue_id": 1947,
"gender": "male",
"name": "Bayer 04 Leverkusen",
"short_code": "B04",
"image_path": "https://cdn.sportmonks.com/images/soccer/teams/25/3321.png",
"founded": 1904,
"type": "domestic",
"placeholder": false,
"last_played_at": "2023-04-13 19:00:00",
"players": [
"id": 5085,
"transfer_id": null,
"player_id": 37429246,
"team_id": 3321,
"position_id": 26,
"detailed_position_id": 150,
"yersey_number": 27,
"start": "2020-07-01",
"end": "2027-06-30",
"player": {
"id": 37429246,
"sport_id": 1,
"country_id": 11,
"nationality_id": 11,
"city_id": null,
"position_id": 26,
"detailed_position_id": 150,
"type_id": 26,
"common_name": "F. Wirtz",
"firstname": "Florian",
"lastname": "Wirtz",
"name": "Florian Wirtz",
"display_name": "Florian Wirtz",
"image_path": "https://cdn.sportmonks.com/images/soccer/players/30/37429246.png",
"height": 176,
"weight": null,
"date_of_birth": "2003-05-03",
"gender": "male"



  • Player profiles and Bundesliga players stats
  • All Bundesligsa winners
  • Match schedules and historical matches
  • Match statistics and events
  • Complete team squads
  • Match formations & Line-ups
  • (Live) Topscores and standings
  • (Live) odds and predictions
  • Coach and referee stats
  • And many more are included in the Bundesliga API!

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We understand the frustration of having to choose between affordable and trustworthy data. At Sportmonks, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for one or the other. That’s why we offer the Bundesliga Players API at an affordable price, without sacrificing reliability and accuracy. 

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Our customers have come up with some truly expansive, ingenious, and mind-blowing ideas for how to use our API. From fantasy games to live score applications to betting portals and beyond, we’ve seen it all. But some customers have taken their creativity to the next level, like the creators of Scoreplay. They used our API to develop something truly out of the box and completely unique.

We chose Sportmonks because of its accuracy, its’ ease of use and its’ outstanding customer service. Starting with Sportmonks was incredibly easy and intuitive. The onboarding process was virtually non-existent. Just plug and play!

Xavier - CTO Scoreplay

Why Sportmonks?

Almost a decade ago, we faced the same challenge when we needed data to power our own fantasy game. We quickly discovered that many providers charged an outrageous price tag, and the more cost-effective options often fell short in terms of reliability and accuracy.

Frustrated by the lack of options, we decided to take matters into our own hands and collect our own sport data. As developers, number crunchers, and die-hard sports fans, we built exactly what we needed to power our fantasy game. And once we realized how valuable our data was, we knew we had to share it with others who were also in need of reliable and affordable Bundesliga players’ data.

Legendary Bundesliga players

The Bundesliga created an official legends network who are now proudly flying the flag for German football across the globe. They provide regular touchpoints for highly engaged supporters who, wherever they are in the world, replicate the passion and commitment that comes from the clubs’ unique fan bases throughout Germany. Let’s take a look at the legends:

Jörg Albertz, Anthony Baffoe, Bum-Kun Cha, Steven Cherundolo, Makoto Hasebe, Jürgen Klinsmann, Philipp Lahm, Lothar Matthäus, Jay-Jay Okocha, Yasuhiko Okudera, Pavel Pardo, Claudio Pizarro, Lukas Podolski, Wynton Rufer, Paulo Sergio, Jiayi Shao, Chen Yang and Zé Roberto. These are some of the best, most impactful and outright legendary Bundesliga players to brace the competition. And they want to help reach out to the world.