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Endless possibilities with Sportmonks’ European Championship statistics. In modern football, statistics have become integral to enhancing the fan experience. Get access to all player & team statistics now!

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Whether it’s to gain an edge in betting or support their opinions in fan discussions, enthusiasts rely increasingly on data. Passionate football fans utilise statistics to identify the best players for their fantasy teams, making data a crucial aspect of almost every football application. Our European Championship API covers all the crucial data fans are looking for.


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Enhance your users’ match-day experience by providing in-depth football statistics that elevate your application. Create a match centre with essential data such as goals, shots, assists, passes, tackles, saves, etc.

Additionally, incorporating referee and coach stats can add more depth to your app. With the ability to generate real-time stats, the endless possibilities allow you to offer your users up-to-date information throughout the game.

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Revolutionise your football app and user engagement and simplify development timelines and costs. Our Football API serves iGaming, media, developers, and football fanatics, enabling the creation of a customised football application. Explore the capabilities of our Football API today.

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