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In modern football, statistics have become an integral part of enhancing the fan experience.

European Championship statistics for everybody

Whether it’s to gain an edge in betting or to support their opinions in fan discussions, enthusiasts are increasingly relying on data. Furthermore, football aficionados utilize statistics to identify the best players for their fantasy teams, making data a crucial aspect of almost every football application.

The Euros API contains all of the statistics related to the Euros, and it is available for you to try for free immediately.

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Enhance your users’ match day experience by providing them with in-depth football statistics that elevate your application. Create a match center that features essential data such as goals, shots, assists, passes, tackles, saves, and more. Additionally, incorporating referee and coach stats can add an extra layer of depth to your app. With the ability to generate real-time stats, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to offer your users up-to-date information throughout the game.

Make it easy for your users to keep track of all things football

Create a match hub that has everything they need. Keep them updated with live scores and in-game events, and give them access to player stats and team formations all in one place.

Stay up-to-date with all European Championship statistics

Show all statistics for goals, assists, passes, shots, tackles, saves, and more.

Design the complete formation with Lineups.

Design all lineups so your users know if their favourite player is playing.

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  • Football imageGet more done in less time with the European Championsip API from Sportmonks.
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  • Football imageEffortlessly filter responses so you only receive relevant data.

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