La Liga data in our Football API

One of the biggest competitions globally is the Spanish La Liga. La Liga data can’t be missing from your football app.

Which La Liga data to show

A lot of La Liga data is included in the Football API, and you need to know what your users find engaging. When you are unsure, here is a list of must-have La Liga data features.

La Liga Standings

One of any application’s most critical data features is showing the La Liga Standings. This way, you can show your users how their favourite teams are doing. Are they doing well and battling for the number one spot, or are they close to relegation? Knowing exactly how many points are between the competitors is essential.

La Liga’s fixtures

Competition is nothing without match data. All La Liga fixtures and the belonging La Liga data are included in the Football API. So, what is included in La Liga fixture data?

  1. Dates
  2. Venues
  3. Statistics
  4. Lineups
  5. Events
  6. H2H results
  7. Referees
  8. Form
  9. And way more La Liga data is included. Find out for yourself by clicking through our widget.

You can get all live scores using our Football Widget. Remember, the widget only shows fixtures included in your widget plan. A lot of data is included, so don’t be afraid to click around and find out all the possibilities.

La Liga’s top scorers

La Liga’s top scorers are important. Every season the attacking players battle to become the top scorer in La Liga. Ronaldo and Messi have been dominating the top scorers list together for years. Benzema and Lewandowski are in the La Liga data and are currently dominating this list.

Let’s look at the all-time top scorers first and afterwards find out who is leading the top scorer’s battle in the current season.

  • Football imageLionel Messi has 474 goals
  • Football imageCristiano Ronaldo has 331 goals
  • Football imageTelmo Zarra has 251 goals

La Liga stats

You can show all statistics of all fixtures, teams, and players in the La Liga data included in the Football API.

La Liga teams

Football fans are fans of the teams in La Liga. The twenty teams in La Liga are included in the Football API. Of course, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are the most popular teams in all La Liga data. However, all teams are included and have outstanding data to show. You can find all statistics in our team stats widgets. Last but not least, keep in mind you need all La Liga data about the league winners.

La Liga players

Last but not least, your La Liga application is incomplete without the La Liga data about players. Without players, there won’t be competition. Football fans are fans of teams but also fans of players. Everyone has a favourite player and loves to keep track of the stats of their favourite. Who is your favourite player in La Liga? Let’s find out all the information in the widget below.