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Following an exciting season, La Liga enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the top spot. If you want to ensure that your application remains competitive, it is imperative to showcase the La Liga standings. This includes highlighting which teams are competing for the top position and which ones are at risk of dropping down.

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Remain ahead of the competition with our real-time La Liga standings. Keep track of the virtual table and determine which teams are in danger of relegation, which ones are competing for a position in the European tournaments, and which ones are vying for the top spots with the first league in Spain, La Liga.

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Outperform your competitors with the most exceptional La Liga standings. Make use of our standings endpoints to obtain comprehensive standings data, such as form, points, goals scored, goals conceded, and other relevant information.

    "data": [
            "id": 3557,
            "participant_id": 83,
            "sport_id": 1,
            "league_id": 564,
            "season_id": 19799,
            "stage_id": 77458033,
            "round_id": 275907,
            "standing_rule_id": 13701,
            "position": 1,
            "result": "equal",
            "points": 65


Ready to become number one? Let’s look at the previous teams who topped the La Liga Standings.

2021/2022: Real Madrid
2020/2021: Atlético Madrid
2019/2020: Real Madrid
2018/2019: Barcelona
2017/2018: Barcelona
2016/2017: Real Madrid
2015/2016: Barcelona
2014/2015: Barcelona
2013/2014: Atlético Madrid
2012/2013: Barcelona
2011/2012: Real Madrid
2010/2011: Barcelona
2009/2010: Barcelona
2008/2009: Barcelona
2007/2008: Real Madrid
2006/2007: Real Madrid
2005/2006: Barcelona
2004/2005: Barcelona
2003/2004: Valencia
2002/2003: Real Madrid
2001/2002: Valencia
2000/2001: Real Madrid